About Us

Our Background

We are a small technology start-up comprising a team of energetic and enthusiastic developers, ecommerce and business professionals with a proven track record of developing and taking to market online products and services. Having worked together in one capacity or another for a number of years, we formalised our working relationship in  April 2013  and so the Creanova leg of our journey began. We have since developed our first solution using our custom-built Merlin DocGen Engine – Genovo – A feature-packed and fully customisable report writing solution for the financial services industry.

We are advocates of the subscription business model and have a passion for Microsoft development and deployment technology, and partake in peer to peer dev groups, especially based on .NET.

Our Values

As a start-up, we came together with the luxury of a blank canvas and a shared desire to do things “a bit different”. Over time, this has evolved into a belief that everything we do and create – be it our software, corporate culture and working relationships should be:

Flexible – Innovation is key to the fortunes of any technology company. To ensure we can evolve with the changing needs of our partners, we build future-proof and truly scalable solutions and have invested significant resource developing our own agile document generation platform.

Rewarding – We’re dedicated to creating and maintaining a friendly and inspiring working environment for our co-workers and partners.

Empowering – A rise in flexible working practices has changed expectations of online support and people typically prefer to answer their own questions, on their own schedule. The principles of self-help support are embedded within our sofware solutions, and we can help you develop a range of support resources customised for your market place.

Simple – As advocates of the KISS principle we believe simple and intuitive design and an intelligent user interface can make the most complex software applications child’s play to use.

Honest – We are proud of our integrity and prize honesty and transparency in our dealings with our co-workers and partners.